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Periwinkle Plush

Weighted Beads Add On

Weighted Beads Add On

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This listing is to purchase weighted beads for your plushie! It can be purchased after the drop separately. Each unit adds approximately 8 oz. (half a pound) of weight. In a standard sized plush (12-16”) four scoops would give a very heavily weighted bottom.

If you would like to add more than four scoops or fill your plush with weighted beads (similar to a weighted blanket) please send me an email before purchasing your weighted bead units! 

Beads are secured in a separate pouch, sewn into the plush, for safety.

In plushies smaller than 6", up to two units of beads can be added. If you purchase two units, the entire plush will be filled with beads similar to a bean bag or weighted blanket. Due to the size of the plush, these may be sewn directly into the body, and therefor it is not recommended to give these to children under the age of 5.

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